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This is where you make one of the first impressions with prospective hires. In this section, write a short, catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company culture, company size, key clients, company’s mission, and goals. As well as perks, benefits, office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else you think makes your company interesting. A front-end job developer description is critical in the development of client-side applications. This is a significant role as all the systems need a front-end developer to be usable. Unlock tools to build your best design team with Dribbble's hiring solutions.

  • Qualified candidates also have experience with design tools and a keen eye for great interfaces and smooth, user-friendly user experiences.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics or other pay scale indexes before deciding what benefits to offer.
  • Offering unlimited growth potential, this career path can open the door to software engineering, user experience design, and even product design, to name a few.
  • Typical duties of a front-end developer include determining what the structure and design of a web page should be, creating a functional yet aesthetic design, and maximizing efficiency.
  • In addition, as more businesses accept electronic payments, there will be a greater need for web developers to create secure payment systems.

Even though you might think that the job description is about the job itself and the required skills, it is also about your organization. This section is where you introduce your company to the potential candidate by highlighting its advantages, culture, and benefits. This section is essential to finding the candidate with the skills and qualifications that will help them in their job role. Commercial websites allow users to interact with organizations in many ways, from ordering products and services to downloading instruction manuals and depositing checks. And when this process unfolds in an intuitive, engaging and hassle-free way, it’s the front-end web developer who deserves much of the credit. Andrei is an experienced full-stack web developer with almost a decade of experience working with a large variety of technologies—over half of that working remotely.

Front-End Developer Job Description 2023

• Streamlining communication between stakeholders in design and back end development. • Help to create and maintain templates and guideline documents for future pages. Scroll down for our free example Front End Developer job description. You can also use our 2023 Salary Calculator to get location-specific salary ranges and national comparisons for front-end web developers. Check out the 2023 Salary Guide From Robert Half to find the midpoint starting salary for a front-end web developer.

front end developer job descriptions

Basic understanding of design tools, such as Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop. You’re likely to have a self-driven, conscientious mentality with a commitment to creating innovations through high-quality work. Check out our article to give yourself the best chance of being hired. Tell us the skills you need and we'll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks. Use short paragraphs bullet points and include plenty of white space. This helps break the text into manageable chunks, making the job seem less overwhelming.

Lead Front End Developer Job Duties

Others may focus more on developing interactive features like animations, forms, buttons, etc. In broad terms, a great front-end developer possesses excellent communication and collaboration skills. Since front-end development connects design with back-end logic, it’s a job that necessitates effective teamwork. It’s worth mentioning that front-end developers are distinct from back-end developers. The front end is specifically the realm of markup languages, interfaces, and programming that provide website interaction. The back end, on the other hand, is focused on business logic, authentication, server-side languages, and databases — a front-end developer isn’t expected to do all this on their own. Day-to-day, front-end developers turn visual designs into functional interfaces while keeping a clean codebase that’s easy to understand.

front end developer job descriptions

Ugljesa is a passionate software engineer who started programming in grade school. After getting his bachelor's degree in computer science, he worked for two large international companies–developing mostly web applications for several years. Ugljesa is accustomed to a distributed environment and working with remote clients using agile methodologies. A good Front-End Web Developer will have an understanding of the web development process from inception to deployment. They will also have a good understanding of industry trends and the newest software programs and languages. In addition to the technical skills, they need to have excellent problem-solving skills and flexibility due to the changing technologies. Hire Digital helps businesses build and enhance their digital capabilities with a world-class network of digital marketers, developers, and designers.

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They could also modify ongoing projects to better suit clients' requirements based on input from clients. A front-end web developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites. Get these sure-fire tips to build your software developer portfolio with 5 top examples to inspire you. You will detail the nature of your business, location, how to become a front end developer working hours, etc. Don’t forget to include the perks and benefits of working with your company. Turing’s automated seniority assessment test, algorithm coding interview, and automated vetting flow help companies hire remote engineers in a matter of days. Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud matches most companies with developers within 3 days.

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Hire the best Javascript Developer to support your business with frontend or backend development needs. Front-end development, along with all its other perks, is also financially rewarding. On Glassdoor, the current average salary for a front-end developer is $84,959, with $79,235 as base pay and the other $5,724 coming from bonuses.

Sample job description #2

While most technologies are built using the languages mentioned above, there are countless frameworks and libraries that are central to many front-end developers’ workflows. We’re looking for a product-oriented front-end developer who can hit the ground running with our small design and development team. Above all, they must work in partnership with everyone on the team, giving them a broader role in the development process than back-end developers. Front-end web developers can therefore not only code, but are also people who can sit down with visual and UX designers, and solve major challenges as part of a team. What is front-end development and what does a front-end developer do? We have all the answers in this front-end developer job description template.

front end developer job descriptions

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